Inspired and going harder than EVER!

After a long weekend, it is back on the grind for me.  Friday night I went to a concert out in Mountain View and left feeling more inspired than ever before.  I went to the Kings Of The Mic Tour starring De La Soul, Ice Cube, LL Cool J, and my favorite group of all time: Public Enemy!  I have been a fan of PE since I first heard their single “Bring The Noise” on a local student radio station here in Sacramento when I was in the 6th grade in 1987.  From that time, I always gravitated towards their music and Chuck D’s message of power to the people.  I have always wanted to see them live, but circumstances always seemed to keep that from happening.  In 2007 I was supposed to see PE in Sacramento when they came on tour.  I had my ticket.  I showed up super early at the venue so that I could visit the merch table and get a PE shirt and whatnot, but when I got to the door of the venue, I was stopped by security.  According to this security guard, the show had been canceled due to a low amount of pre-sale tickets.  I was so let down by this.  Over the next few years, I would hear about Public Enemy rocking shows in the SF Bay Area….. AFTER the fact.  I figured I would never see this band until I get a call from my wife while I was on the road a couple of months back.  She said that PE was coming with the rest of the acts on the Kings Of The Mic Tour and I went on line the minute tickets went on sale and got ours. 

To start off the show, legendary DJ, Chuck Chillout, was on the 1’s & 2’s spinning classic hip hop and trying to get the party started a little bit.  Not long after that, DJ Maseo of De La Soul took over and De La started their set.  They were amazing and did almost all of my favorite, classic, De La Soul joints.  Right before their set was over, they brought out a special guest; Phfife from A Tribe Called Quest and they did a rendition of the Tribe classic, “Check The Rhyme”.  As the set moved forward, I almost felt like the show was running behind because as they were about to get into another song,  Posdnuos had to announce that it was all they had for the night and to stay put for PE, Ice Cube and LL.  I wish they had been able to do “Me Myself & I” before they left, but all and all, they were DOPE!

After about 10 minutes of setting up and stage configuring, it was showtime for the act that I was here to see; Public Enemy!  As I had heard that they were doing these days, Chuck D and Flavor Flav were rocking with a full band.  The sound was AMAZING as they went through classic after classic after classic with some of their amazing new material mixed in there as well.  At one point, the band cleared the stage and Flavor Flav got behind the drums and played while Chuck rapped.  Now, don’t get me wrong, this was NOT Flavor Flav just messing around on some drums, but rather Flavor PLAYING THE SHIT OUT OF THEM!  I did not know this until recently, but he is a VERY accomplished and talented musician outside of his vocals.  I read that he plays 17 different instruments at a master level!  As the PE set wound down (not NEARLY long enough for me), the stage lights went down so that it could be set up for Ice Cube.  I hit the bathroom and merch booth during this intermission as I had seen what I came for, anything else was just icing on  the cake.

After spending  way too much on T Shirts, we headed back in to the main show area just as Ice Cube was getting warmed up.  I honestly have always been a fan, but did not expect his live show to be as dope as it was!  Cube is a true showman and he held it down and then some!  His hype man for this tour is none other than his Westside Connection group-mate WC.  I was excited as this was just an added bonus for me.  As they got into some classic Westside Connection songs, two giant, inflatable hands began to fill with air until it was evident what they were for as they were both forming the “Westside” W!  After their set, there was another short intermission before the headliner, LL Cool J, came out with his special guest DJ, Z-Trip!

Z-Trip got things moving as he spun the classics prior to LL coming out on stage.  Now, I had seen LL back in 1995 and it was one of the more amazing shows I had ever seen, so I expected the same energy.  I felt that his set was not as good as it could have been.  It is always fun to see him do the classics, but I felt that he missed some of his classics that he should not have.  Songs like “Big Ol’ Butt”, “Around The Way Girl” and “Booming System”.  I also caught him with pre-recorded vocals on a track or two.  I was sad about this the most, I mean, how you gonna be the greatest of all time and not rhyme without your vocals already on the track!?!

After LL finished his set, we headed out of the show, my head spinning with ideas and feeling like I can push on with this music for a long time to come!  If this tour has not come to your town yet, PLEASE shell out the bucks to go to it, you will NOT be disappointed!

-Mr. P Chill

I returned home from being on tour for a month this past weekend.  This is a video of myself and DJ Nocturnal performing in Denton, TX on April 22, 2013….. enjoy!


Fans & Friends,

My new album drops in just 6 days on Tuesday, October 23rd!  I am very excited about this one and can not wait to share it with you.  Below is a little bit about each of the 15 tracks on this new release from my perspective…….

“Mr. P Chill Ya’ll (Intro)”

It was important to me to pay respects to the old school with this track.  Taking the line from Jimmy Spicer and twisting it, “Dolla Bill Ya’ll” easily morphs into “Mr. P Chill Ya’ll”. In a time when so much of the hip-hop released has forgotten its roots, this intro is my way to remind listeners of hip-hops history.  Plus, I finally got my wife, Mrs. P Chill, to try out her voice on the mic.

“Ten Years Ago”

In 2002 I released my first solo 12” EP entitled “Walk In My Shoes”.  This song was an instant success and solidified my place as an emcee at a time when I was on the fence if I should keep going or not.  To mark ten years since this recording was made, I did an updated version and call it “Ten Years Ago”, and it is for all of my loyal, diehard fans who have been with me since I went solo in 2001.

“Fat Girl”

I have been talking about making a song about big girls almost as long as I have been making records.  I have always been a fan of big girls and am frustrated by how society seems to make a heavy set woman feel like less of a woman because physically she is more.  I wrote this song as an ode to all the beautiful big girls of the world in hopes that my lyrics make them feel empowered and proud of themselves, just as they are.

“Take A Stand”

As a society, we are in a very pivotal time.  There is more corruption in government and big business than ever.  I want to encourage people to rise up and let their voice be heard on this song.

“Time To Revolt (Interlude)”

I was very impressed by the way the Occupy Movement swept across the United States in 2011 and 2012.  I attended Occupy Sacramento the first few months is was active and was disgusted by the way law enforcement treated the protesters.  I was even more infuriated by the reports of how police in places like Oakland and New York City were treating the protesters.  I made this song as a sound collage of reports and live accounts of police brutality towards people who just want to express their opinion and utilize their constitutional right to assemble.

“Wake Our Sleeping Gian (w/Supanova)”

I got together with my friend and fellow emcee/poet Supanova to make this track.  The concept of this is that the people of the world, the working class people who keep the world running smoothly, are a sleeping giant that, when provoked, can wake up and make major positive change.  I did the first verse and Supanova brought a poem to the table with so much passion and aggression with his delivery that I if I listen to this with my eyes closed, I feel like I am listening to a leader at a protest rally.

“Call My Name (w/Ms. Vybe & Lumis)”

The past couple of years have taken me all over the country on various tours and one off shows.  When I am away, a lot of people who are close to me, both musicians and non-musicians felt that I was very distant.  I wrote this as a dedication to them that I am only a phone call away, that I am there for them no matter where I am.  I had my close friends and fellow emcees Ms. Vybe and Lumis join me on this track as I know they both know how it feels to care for people who are a long way away from you physically.


This song was the last one I wrote for the album.  I got the beat from 3rd Child in a lot of beats that he passed over to me to review.  When I heard this beat, I immediately started to write and recorded this only hours after hearing the beat for the first time.  It is short and to the point but I felt on this one, less is more.

“Nothing Less, Nothing More (w/Lumis)”

OmegaZ produced this song for me in mid 2011, before “All Seriousness Aside” came out last year.  I sat on it and saved it for this album as the subject content is serious and I could not see putting such a heavy song on that album.  Lumis joins me on this song and we cover social and economic issues that the world faces.

“Egos & Assholes”

At first, I was not going to include this song on any album.  I wrote it out of anger towards a scene and industry that I felt was ultra-ego driven and full of people who are self-absorbed.  I wrote and recorded this one for me.  After listening to it over and over, I decided to include this one as I feel that it is a statement that needs to be heard.

“Wake Up”

Much like “Wake Our Sleeping Giant”, this track is a more direct approach to the same issue, only this time, I am instructing the sleeping to awaken and take action towards a more positive world.

“Open Highway”

After spending so much time on the road, much of which I am in motion, moving between cities and tour dates, I wanted to make a short statement about what I see out there.  This is the ode to touring of sorts.

“What Can You Do? (w/Kimberlie Whitford)”

This song takes a more jazz/smooth R&B feel than most of my songs.  The subject is a message to all of the people out there who are at a stopped place in their life or at a fork in the road.  Kimberlie Whitford sings the hook on this one and lends a very jazzy feel to the track.

“Wake Up (Mike Colossal Remix)”

My longtime friend and tour DJ, Mike Colossal, stepped to me and said that he wanted to produce an alternate version of “Wake Up”.  When he brought me this super grimy beat that reminded me of early Wu-Tang I was ready to go!  I was originally going to make this a B-side to a single, but later decided that this needs to be on the album.

“I Look For Work (3rd Child Remix)”

The original version of this song is on my last album, All Seriousness Aside.  3rd Child stepped to me and asked me for the acapella of this as he wanted to produce an alternate version of it.  I was completely blown away with what he sent to me and decided that this too must be on the album.

A couple of the new songs are here on ReverbNation, the others will be available for preview and purchase Tuesday at Apple iTunes,, eMusic, and all other online retailers.  It will also be available on Spotify, Last.FM, Rdio and many other streaming services.  The CD can be purchased at, CD Baby and select record stores world wide. 

-Mr. P Chill


Old soul music, black tea and the sun shining.  It is times like these that I really enjoy living in the moment.  So many of us speed through life at breakneck speed and forget that the little things in each moment are what make life worth living.  This kind of thought process helps me through tough situations where things can feel hopeless or overwhelming.  Maybe this is what Lionel Ritchie had in mind when he recorded “Easy Like Sunday Morning”?

Hope you all have a good day as well and live in your moment!

-Mr. P Chill



I would love to visit Japan.  I have always wanted to go there…. -Mr. P Chill

This is my new single, “Slow Down (Remix)” from my new album, “Once Again”…. check it out and let me know what you think about it!

-Mr. P Chill

ArtistMr. P Chill
Title012 - Slow Down (Remix)
AlbumOnce Again
Rocking @ Mike Colossal’s birthday party a few months ago.

Rocking @ Mike Colossal’s birthday party a few months ago.